The easier for the Sales Team,
The better on your ROI.

eSales is an innovative sales force automation system that allows sales manager and business owner to have visibility over sales processes and planned actions of the sales team, and enables sales person to work smarter by focusing on sales activities, doing less manual work, and achieving greater sales.


Android Beta Available Now!


Intuitive Forecast for New & Existing Customers

Easy forecast planning for new sales or sales from existing customers whether you want to focus on the growth for new customers or capitalizing on the existing ones.

Follow-up Actions Flow to close deals

Make sure that all your tasks get done to achieve your goal of winning the deals. You will never forget the little details that can jeopardize the deal. As all sales experts say, Follow Up is the key to getting deals done!

Automated Journals and Reports

No need to waste time reentering your journal or report. Update on the go with text / photos / videos / audios. All actions set or completed will be kept in the journal. Save your time and achieve more sales. Your daily report will be done on your behalf.

Effective and Organized Communication Platform

Timely and organized communication is always one of the most important winning factors for the team. Notify sales manager or admin on support required and keep the discussion going in the journal.

Order and Invoice Tracker

You must know what orders to process before invoicing the customer, and which invoice is due for collection. The sales cycle only completes when you have got the payment in the bank account.

Deals Tracking

View all the deals on your mobile. Drill down on specific one and check out the progress of the deal in the sales journal. Open up the attached documents, photos, and videos related to the deal. Got a suggestion to make? Comment in the journal, and your sales rep will get it instantly via the app notification.

KPIs Tracker

Now you will know how hard your best sales people have been working and why the under achievers are not producing the expected results.

One-glance Sales Info Center

With one click on your mobile, you will see the plan of your sales team or individual sales rep and how they are doing in terms of forecasting, sales and KPIs achievement, what are the upcoming actions or completed ones, and the top 10 deals and accounts.

Plan and Work on your Mobile

If you are spending much time on the phone, you might as well use eSales mobile app to achieve more sales with the benefits that come along. You will end up having more time on hand, wherever you are, and most likely with better sales results.

Lead retention and nurturing

Retain leads and nurture them for they are your potential customers who are not yet ready for your products & services. Companies that nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured leads

Stop Your Sales Leakages

Fixing the leakages in your Sales Process means that you are maximizing the revenue potential.

Which Marketing Campaign gives the best ROI

With the well defined sources of leads, you will know your lead per cost for every campaign, and which campaigns or channels are your best choices.

Check-in on customer visit

Now you can keep a record of where and when the sales rep visited a customer.

Distance travelled for each appointment

Sales rep can view the distance travelled and estimated time of arrival for each visit.

Products and Services Inquired and Sold

How would you like to know the quantity of the product or services being inquired, and the actual quantity being sold?

Dashboard and Reports

These will provide you with all the indicators you need to fine tune on the supply, sales process, and the team.

Easy View and Management of Pipeline

Watch the potential deals progress through stages and drill down actions planned and taken.

Visual Summary of 6-Month Pipeline

Pipeline Chart by Stages and by Month enables better forecasting and adjustment of deal closure.

Centralize files of every deal

Easy access to all types of files (such as PDF, document, video, images, audio files) associated to the deal.